About Me

Professional experience
Eugene “J.R.” Lombardo earned his BSW from Lehman College (1995) and his MSW from New York University (1997). J.R. has years of experience helping individuals, couples and families overcome their challenges, and educating other therapists in psychotherapy and substance abuse counseling skills.
Approach to counseling
“Real life experience deeply informs any therapists work. I know the joys and challenges of marriage, parenting and career.”
“I know how it feels to struggle, how hard relationships can be and that we often put ourselves last on the list of priorities. It is difficult for me sometimes to do the next right thing and to know when to assert myself and when to let things go.”
J.R. uses a variety of approaches and techniques in his work, from delving into deep seated past experiences, to simple coping skills and advanced techniques, often shifting in a session as needs change.
“I see myself part therapist, part life coach and part sponsor.”