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Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy

J.R. will work with you on understanding what is going on in your life now, the reason why and what can be done to make positive change. Identifying patterns, often based on childhood experience, is a way to find some form of understanding. However understanding is only part of the process, making positive purposeful change is the rest. Identifying your thoughts, values, beliefs and patterns of relating with others (often informed by both past and present experiences), then challenging them in a realistic constructive way, without fake praise or motivational speeches, is the essence of J.R.'s work.

Couples Counseling

We all come to relationships with unique life experiences, perspectives, expectations, beliefs and DNA. Understanding what part these play in how we operate within a relationship and in our daily lives is a big part of the work J.R. does with couples. Issues such as communication skills, intimacy, healthy boundaries, assertiveness (asking for what we need) and finance are common topics in couples work. The overall goal is to support and strengthen the relationship and contrary to the common myth, most relationships have not dissolved over the course of couples therapy, only grown.

Recovery Speciality

What is recovery? As J.R. sees it, if you are embarking on the hard work, consistency and determination that is self improvement, be it; attending workshops or classes, exercising regularly, daily  prayer & meditation or participating in a mutual support group, you are "in recovery." The most commonly known program of recovery is that which deals with alcohol or drugs. However people can  have an unhealthy relationship with or become addicted to many things including relationships, sex, food, gambling and work. Addiction affects the lives of all of those around it and often times is spread through attitudes and behaviors. Terms such as co-dependent and adult children of alcoholics describe these effects. If you are contemplating making positive change in your life or have taken the first steps to do so, J.R. can help.